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GANTRY CRANE-TWIN BEAM-TYPE Rational STRUCTURE in box construction reinforcement by stiffening ribs and connected by cross beams. Twin wheel CRANE SLIDING UNITS with double rim steel wheels-CRAB CARRIAGE in steel sections, special Motor through speed reducer coupled up to a grooved steel DRUM. .

Electro-magnetic controlled SHOE BRAKES. BLOCK equipped with forged steel forked revolving HOOK. Access LADDER leading to an inspection WALKWAY that runs along one Beam and is made of a walking surface with Railing and foot guard
Goliath Crane/ Gantry Crane:

Goliath Cranes are ideal for both indoor and outdoor application where existing building structure are not suitable to take overhead cranes.

Features of Cranes:

Gear Box: Totally enclosed oil immersed reduction gears of rugged wide faced helical and spur gears that are precision machinecut from special alloy steel forging through hobbing machine. Gears and pirions are supported on antifriction ball/roller bearing to protect gear train from shock loads.

Coupling: Flexible gear couplings are provided in double grider cranes between gear box and rope drum to with stand the misalignment also geared coupling are provided between gear box and wheel in long travel.

Breaks: Failsafe magnetic and hydraulic breaks are fitted on shaft extensions.

L. T. Drive: Generally Long travel wheel shall have independent drive for smooth operations.

Technical Specifications:

 Capacity  15-60 Tones
 Span of Beam  10-30 Metres
 Overhanging Span  3-6 Metres
 Lifting Height  5-7 Metres
 Lifting Speed  2-3 Metres/minute
 Hoist Trolley Transition Speed  7-15 Metres /minute
 Crane Transition Speed  7-15 Metres /minute